Top 3 Vacation Packages in Pigeon Forge You’ll Love

Everyone wants to save money on their vacations, but you also don’t want to give up the exciting attractions. Why not have the best of both worths with our vacation packages in Pigeon Forge? You’ll be able to enjoy popular things to do in the area and save money while doing it! Check out our top 3 vacation packages in Pigeon Forge you’ll love:

1. Dollywood and Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show

dollywoodA great package you’ll want to take advantage of is the Dollywood and Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. Visiting Dollywood is great for people of all ages. There are kiddie rides, family rides, and thrill rides. You can watch so many different interesting shows with music and comedy. Dollywood has several gift shops all throughout the park where you will find a ton of beautiful items you could bring home. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love visiting all the different restaurants and snack shops. Whether you love rides or want to try a ton of food, you’ll love visiting Dollywood.

Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show is entertaining for everyone too! You’ll get to watch one of the most famous family feuds on stage. This show will make you laugh until you cry with all the comedy sketches, and you will also get to enjoy music and dancing. In addition to watching an entertaining show, you’ll also get to enjoy a delicious meal. If you’re in town with your family, this is a great family package to take advantage of.

2. Alcatraz East Crime Museum and the Titanic Museum

alcatraz east museumIf you love learning about historic events, you should get the Alcatraz East Crime Museum and the Titanic Museum vacation package in Pigeon Forge. Both of these attractions will let you learn about history in interactive ways, making it great for people of all ages. At the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, you will get to learn about famous American criminals and cases. Your kids will be able to do fun activities to learn about the criminal justice system. There are artifacts from cases, such as Ted Bundy’s car. There are also temporary exhibits all throughout the year you should check out.

At the Titanic Museum, you’ll learn about the making of and sinking of the Titanic ship. Your ticket is a boarding pass with a real passenger’s name on it. You’ll go through and see real artifacts from the ship and the movie. Feel how cold the water was that night and try to walk on the deck at the different angles during the night. At the end of the self-guided tour, you’ll go into a memorial room to see what the fate of the person on your boarding pass was.

3. Lumberjack Feud and TopJump Trampoline Park

lumberjack feudIf your family loves adventure, you should definitely take advantage of the vacation package in Pigeon Forge with Lumberjack Feud and TopJump Trampoline Park. Lumberjack Feud has an exciting show where two lumberjack families compete in 13 different events. Watch them on the log roll, boom run, and axe throwing. After you watch the show, you can have fun in the Adventure Park where you can go on a ropes course, do a free fall, or ride their Flying Ox ride.

TopJump Trampoline Park is an indoor trampoline park where kids and adults can have fun. There are obstacle courses you can go through and plenty of trampolines to jump on. It’s a great activity for people who love to stay busy.

These vacation packages in Pigeon Forge are a great way to have fun and save money. Want to see even more packages? Check out these vacation packages in Pigeon Forge!