Top 5 Coupons for Pigeon Forge Shows You’ll Want to See

When you visit the Smokies, you probably want to see a show or two! Pigeon Forge is known for having all kinds of fun comedy, music, and other entertaining shows. We also know you want to save money, which is why we want to share some coupons for Pigeon Forge shows with you! Here are the top 5 coupons for Pigeon Forge shows you’ll want to see:

1. Lumberjack Feud

lumberjack feudLumberjack Feud is a great family friendly show you’ll want to see while you’re in town. Two families of lumberjacks and jills compete in 13 different categories to see who comes out on top. They will run across logs, throw axes, chop wood, and so much more. People of all ages will enjoy seeing this show. Kids get to participate in a cool event during intermission, and you guys can bring food into the grandstand if you want to snack while you watch the show. After the show, you should experience their Adventure Park since you’ll save some money with our coupon for this Pigeon Forge show!

2. Comedy Barn

The Comedy Barn is a popular show in Pigeon Forge. Parents will love this show because it’s good, clean fun that everyone will love. You’ll be able to watch all kinds of hilarious skits, and everyone will find them funny. Comedy Barn also has singing and dancing, as well as juggling and puppetry. They have a concession stand, so you can enjoy drinks and snacks while you watch the show.

3. Hatfield and McCoy

hatfield and mccoy dinner showIf there’s one coupon for a Pigeon Forge show you’ll want to use, it’s the one to Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. This show is about the most famous feuding families in history. You’ll get to watch their hilarious antics unfold onstage throughout the show. There are comedy skits, singing, dancing, and so much more in this show. Plus, while you’re watching, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal. Food includes fried chicken, biscuits, corn, and dessert.

4. Pirates Voyage

Pirates Voyage is another family friendly show you won’t want to miss out on. You can get there early and purchase a special package that includes some props and face painting for your kids. During the show, you’ll see all kinds of acrobatic tricks, pyrotechnics, and cute animals. Captain Blackbeard and Calico Jack have a ton of adventures during this show!

5. Country Tonite

country toniteThere’s another coupon for a Pigeon Forge show you’ll want to use, and it’s for Country Tonite. If you love country music, or even if you don’t, you’ll love this entertaining show. There are several talented singers and dancers you’ll watch throughout the show. You’ll even be serenaded by child performers! This is a Pigeon Forge show you don’t want to miss.

These coupons for Pigeon Forge shows are a great way to save money while enjoying some cool entertainment. Want even more ways to save while you’re in town? Check out these discounts to local attractions in the Smoky Mountains!